Progam Coordinator - Frederick Opoku



Administrative & Office Manager -  Miss Ethel – Doris Lawson 



Director of Finance - Salasie Elikem Akwensive 

Salasie holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with political science and currently CIMA student pursuing a professional course in Management Accounting. Prior to joining FLAP, he worked with National Banking College as a personal assistant and a researcher, where he had a lot of exposure conducting researches into various issues in the banking sector. 


Communications & Data Analyst - William Tumasi 



Project Assistants

  • Fa–Ud Sani: he is in charge of the volunteers working with FLAP coming from the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office;
  • Micheal Abu: he is in charge of all activities regarding case/client intake and mediation;
  • Mohammed Iddi: he is in charge of mass communication and education in the community of Old Fadama;
  • Mohammed Awadu: he is in charge of all FLAP internal volunteers working at FLAP's office.