Case intake and documentation

Our professionally trained intake officers are at post 24/7 to attend to any victim of Human Rights Abuse. A desk is set up at FLAP with an officer in charge to attend to client and receive complaint to provide support to anyone in need of our services.

Victim’s case narrated are documented and if in case of rape pictures taken as evidence to back prosecution at the court of law.

In our quest to increase awareness of our services, FLAP will roll out a new project later in 2014, the Legal Aid on Wheels (the law project) to enable us get closer to the community in most convenient way. In this project, our goal is to reach many people through a service delivery using a mobile VAN. The van will be used to disseminate of information about our services and additionally, to provide volunteer and FLAP team on board the van an opportunity to attend to clients at public places without client necessary journeying to our legal centre. Cases would be taken instantly and advice given right in the van.