Living and working in Ghana

Geography and climate

Ghana is located in the gulf of Guinea in West Africa and extends about 450 miles from North to South and 250 miles from East to West. Geographically, the country can be divided into three zones. The Southern coastal strip of savanna, a tropical rain forest extending 150 – 200 miles north and the northern savanna area. The climate in Ghana is tropical with two main seasons, the dry season from November through March and the rainy season from MAY through August.


In our quest to ensuring that volunteers are able to learn from the Ghanaian culture and a typical family leaving, a structure has been put in place, to promote a speedy learning process by making our volunteers and interns to live with host families which are very close to project sites and proximity to easy movement to and from projects site, in terms of transportation.

Town movement and transportation

The easy flow and movement of commercial transport, popularly called “Trotro” makes movement to and from work or so to speak, projects site, easier and cheaper. Volunteer would require an amount of GHC 1.60 daily to travel from home to work. We therefore advise that to cut cost, using the trotro would be the ideal.

Health and safety

Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. In the Global index, it is ranked above United Kingdom and the United States of America, making Ghana a perfect volunteer destination. Our able team members and staff responsible for the welfare of our volunteers will ensure your safety at all times and you will have 24/7 emergency support services. When you choose to volunteer with us, you will receive some safety tips in order to make you feel completely safe in Ghana.

Project cost

All prospective volunteers are requested to donate money to cover the cost of Accommodation, meals, project operations, supervision and Administration, Airport pickups and drop for departure.

It is our interest that all young energetic students and researchers have the opportunity to help us build a community and improve the lives of its inhabitants, therefore we try to make sure that all manner of persons wanting to volunteer have the opportunity to do so. To volunteer with us today, please contact us via  or +233 303 930280.